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Author Guidelines

The formatting of the article must comply with the regulation of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine about increasing the requirements for professional publications. Since September 2017, in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education”, it is not allowed to use data presented in already defended dissertations or in previously published articles.

The text of the article must contain:

  1. UDC number.
  2. Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier – ORCID:
  3. Author’s first and last names; the information about the author (academic rank, academic degree, the name and address of the organization where he/she works).
  4. The Title of the article.
  5. The Introduction must contain a statement of the problem and explain problem’s relevance and novelty for theory and practice (these points must be clearly formulated).
  6. The purpose and objectives of the study. The objectives must summarize data applied to formulating a hypothesis or concept and the conditions for conducting the study.
  7. The study methodology. This includes a description of the methods, principles or parameters of the study. The procedure of the conducted study and the way in which its results were obtained must be explained. It is not acceptable to only mention the names of authors and their scientific concepts.
  8. Results. This includes a presentation of the main body of the material with a justification of the obtained results.
  9. Conclusions. The conclusions of the study summarize the obtained results and illustrate their essence in accordance with the objectives of the work.
  10. The article must contain references to sources in foreign languages (at least 15%), and/or references to articles previously published in our collections an archive of previous issues is available on our website.
  11. Abstracts:

a) one short abstract in the language of the article (500–700 characters);
b) two larger abstracts (more than 1800 characters each) in two other languages; for example, if the article is in English, then the abstracts must be in Ukrainian and Russian.

In the extended abstract it is necessary to clearly state (in separate sections):

  • Relevance of the study (in one sentence);
  • Main objective(s) of the study;
  • Methodology employed in the study, explaining the procedure of the conducted research;
  • Main results/findings and conclusions of the study, from which their significance for the arts, science, education, etc., should be clearly understandable.

After each abstract, 3 to 7 key words must be included.

  1. The formatting of a bibliography list must comply with the rules for bibliographic description of sources specified in the National Standard of Ukraine DSTU 8302:2015 “Information and documentation. Bibliographic references. General provisions and rules of compiling”.
  2. After the list of bibliography (in the language of the original), a reference list must be included, formatted in accordance with the following international standard:

Bibliography and references list sample

Article manuscripts must be submitted in Word 2003 format (.doc) to the email address of the editorial board: The file name and the subject of the email must be the same as the last name of the author. The full size of the article must be equal to or more than half of the author’s printed sheet (20,000 characters including spaces).


Margins: top, bottom, left, right – 2.5 cm. Author’s first and last names: Times New Roman, 14 pts., bold, italics, right-aligned.

Along with the article authors must submit Information about the author on a separate sheet: first name, last name, place of work (for postgraduate students – place of study), position, academic degree, academic rank, e-mail, contact phone numbers.

Authors (except for the holders of a higher doctorate analogous to Doctor of Sciences or Doctor Habilitatus) must provide one certified review by a specialist in the relevant area of research (a holder of a PhD or higher degrees, but who is not the author’s scientific supervisor!).

Manuscripts that do not comply with the formatting guidelines are not accepted for publication. The editorial staff reserves the right to make editorial corrections to manuscripts. In case of reworking the article by the authors, the date when the manuscript was re-submitted is taken as its date of receipt by the editorial board. If the publication was refused, manuscripts are not returned to the authors.

THE EDITORIAL BOARD RESERVES THE RIGHT NOT TO PUBLISH THE MATERIAL if its subject matter, scientific level and/or formatting do not meet essential requirements.

Privacy Statement

The Editorial Board does not disclose information about submitted manuscripts (including the fact of their receipt, information about their content, the current stage of the review process, comments of reviewers, etc.) to anyone other than their authors and reviewers. The contact information of the authors of the manuscripts submitted to the editorial office of the "Kyiv Musicology " is used solely for the purpose of meeting the requirements for the publication and is not disclosed to unauthorized persons.