No 56 (2017)
Musicology of Kyiv

ISSN 2617-0302

The next collection issue continues the series of publications, which is the result of the scientific research of young music experts of Ukraine. The articles of this publication cover a wide variety of actual problems of Ukrainian and foreign music culture, theory and history of music, music psychology and music sociology, music performance and pedagogics. The collection is addressed to the specialists in the sphere of music arts and culturology, a big number of musicians-practisers, teachers and students of the higher and secondary educational institutions of culture and arts.

Theoretical problems of study of art in the mirror of culturology

Kristina Dyablova
The content-singing parallels of the initial and final microcycles of the Orthodox of the Transfiguration feast
PDF (Русский)
Daria Doronkina
The Genre specificity of the antiphon in the works of Hildegard von Bingen
PDF (Русский)
Daryna Kharytonova
The symbolic dimension of flute sonatas by Johann Sebastian Bach
PDF (Українська)
Alyona Kushnіruk
Genre specifics of a march: classification problem
PDF (Українська)
Yunjia Cheng
Genre of the «celebration overtures» in the context of contemporary chinese symphonic music
PDF (Русский)
Viktoria Antipova
Influence of indonesian gamelan on the work of european and american composers of XX century
PDF (Русский)
Mariam Verdiyan
Fifth Symphony of A. Terteryan as the embodiment of oriental sound sensations
PDF (Русский)
Ganna Vovchenko
Monogram as a leading forming principle in the Alexander Shchetynsky «Cryptogram»
PDF (Українська)
Anna Stoyanova
Svyatoslav Lunyov's «Trias» as an embodiment of the individual author's style conception
PDF (Українська)
Elmira Dzhabrailovа-Kushnir
Musical time in the electroacoustic composition «Two hours in reservoir» on a poem by J. Brodsky with the same name by M. Shalygin
PDF (Русский)
Pavlo Lagunov
Thema-Motive-Period-Mainsatz: a theoretical descriptions of the classical «theme»
PDF (Українська)
Maria Petrova
Variations by Max Reger on a Theme by Mozart, op. 132 for orchestra: the specificity of interaction of the «primary source» and the original text (on an example theme for variations)
PDF (Українська)

World and native music culture: styles, schools, personalias

Veronika Pieshkova
On the embodiment of the poetic word in the madrigal of C. Monteverdi «Gira il nemico insidioso amore» («The enemy insidious, Love»)
PDF (Русский)
Yevhen Levkulych
The dialectic of memory and oblivion in culture: the historical fate of the heritage of Sergei Bortkiewicz
PDF (Українська)
Alina Varshavskaya
V. S. Kosenko’s Thirteen Moments of Epistolary heritage
PDF (Українська)
Olga Zhukova
Stylistic features of romance creativity by V. Kosenko on the example of romance «Migrative wind» op. 1 № 4
PDF (Українська)
Diana Skurskaya
The interaction of stylistic layers as a sense-making factor in the «Prayer» by M. Glinka for a soloist, choir and orchestra
PDF (Русский)
Tetyana Solovyova
The musical embodiment of the prayer «Our Father» in the V. Stepurkо’s liturgies
PDF (Українська)
Alyona Shulikа
Painting music of C. Debussy and musical painting of C. Monet
PDF (Українська)
Yliia Shkromyda
Francesco Malipiero: three sets of piano pieces (particular qualities of music language)
PDF (Українська)
Yaroslava Snitko
Peculiarity of String Quartet’s Genre’s Transformation in Benjamin Britten’s Creativity (on Example of Quartet No. 2 oр. 36)
PDF (Українська)
Anton Horodetskyi
Concerto for viola and orchestra by W. Walton - the first outstanding viola concert of the XXth century
PDF (Українська)
Natalia Skvortsova
Lamentation ХХІ: modern tendencies of dramaturgical comprehension of the genre
PDF (Українська)
Yulia Zhuravkova
Gian Carlo Menotti’s Opera «Martin's Lie»: characteristics of the genre model
PDF (Українська)